40108 Cresta B work.height 3,65m Σκάλα Ξύλινη Διπλής Πρόσβασης

Basic information

The painter’s ladder of choice: pleasant to grip whatever the temperature.

• Stiles made from high-quality, selected coniferous wood, rungs from beech wood.
• Two strong belt straps prevent splay.
• Low thermal conductivity – always pleasant to grip, even when used outdoors in winter.

Complies with EN 131


Order number
Overall length (m)
Vertical ladder height (m)
Working height (m)
Overall base width (m)
Stile depth (mm)
Number of rungs
Weight (kg)
40108 2.36 2.27 3.65 0.60 65 2 × 8 15.0