2886/47 Touch Bin, 30 litre, Plastic Inner Bucket

Touch Bin, 30L – Matt Steel

Touch Bin, 30 litre, Plastic Inner Bucket

The stylish Touch Bin waste bin 30 litre is a must for any living room, kitchen or hobby room. The ‘Soft-touch’ closing makes opening a joy. And with the removable plastic inner bucket, it’s even easy to clean.

Easy and light operation – Brabantia ‘Soft-Touch’ closure

‘Soft-Touch’ opening and closing system – easy and light operation

Unique hinge design – lid opens silently

Removable stainless steel lid unit – bin liner easy to change

Removable plastic inner bucket – easy to clean

Special ventilation holes in inner bucket allow excess air to escape when you insert the bin liner and prevents vacuum – always easy to change

Sturdy carrying handle – makes Touch Bin easy to move even when full

Matching Brabantia bin liners available with tie-tape (size G) – perfect fit and no ugly over wrap
Plastic protective rim – prevents damage to the floor

Made of corrosion-resistant materials – durable and easy to clean

What is the height with the lid opened? Height with lid opened = 895 mm! What are the dimensions of the inner-bucket? The dimensions of the inner bucket are: diameter 268 mm x height 605 mm!

Width 290 mm
Depth 315 mm
Height 725 mm
Weight 3,99 kg