1310/80 Ironing Board B, 124×38 cm, Solid Steam Unit Holder

Ironing Board B, 124x38cm, SSUH – Barley

Ironing Board B, 124×38 cm, Solid Steam Unit Holder

No matter what iron you currently use, it will surely fit on our extra sturdy steam ironing table with metal steam unit holder! This metal steam unit holder is suitable for all popular steam units.

The comfortable solution

Regular model for quick and comfortable ironing

Extra large metal steam unit holder suitable for all popular steam units and normal irons (max. 39 x 29 cm)

Extra stable worktop – solid 4 leg frame (25 mm diameter steel tube)

Ergonomic – adjustable to 7 different heights (75 – 98 cm)

‘Child lock’ – prevents ironing table collapsing accidentally

Transport lock – to keep folded for storage

Robust protective non-slip caps

100% cotton cover with resilient foam/felt underlay

Available with various cover designs combined with lacquered frame

Always a taut ironing cover – cord binder and stretch system

What is the size of the largest possible steam unit that fits on the steam- unit- holder? The dimension of the greatest possible steam unit which fits on the steam-unit-holder is 400 x 220 mm!

Width 485 mm
Depth 70 mm
Height 1.590 mm
Weight 7,975 kg