1153/49 Touch Bin New, 30L, Plastic Inner Bucket

Touch Bin New, 30L – Matt Steel

Touch Bin New, 30L, Plastic Inner Bucket

The newly designed lid of the Touch Bin New opens at the lightest touch, quietly and smoothly. It is seriously easy to open, and the removable inner bucket makes it even easier to change the bin liners and clean. Matching PerfectFit bin liners are available – there’s even a free sample pack inside your new bin – and you’ll get a 10-year guarantee too!

Easy and light operation – Brabantia ‘Soft-Touch’ closure

Improved ‘Soft-Touch’ opening and closing system making for even easier and lighter operation than ever before

Unique hinge design – lid opens silently

Removable stainless steel lid unit – bin liner easy to change

Removable plastic inner bucket – easy to clean

Special ventilation holes in inner bucket allow excess air to escape when you insert the bin liner and prevents vacuum – always easy to change

Sturdy carrying handle – makes Touch Bin easy to move even when full

Matching Brabantia bin liners available with tie-tape (size G) – perfect fit and no ugly over wrap

Plastic protective rim – prevents damage to the floor

Made of corrosion-resistant materials – durable and easy to clean

Available in 14 colours, trendy and timeless

What is the height with the lid opened? Height with lid opened = 895 mm!

One-tone coloured bin. Body and the lid have the same colour

Width 295 mm
Depth 320 mm
Height 720 mm
Weight 3,665 kg