For a perfect result!
The arcana® range is produced in France in the best tradition of cast iron.

The traditional frying pan is equipped with a wooden handle. With its decorative design you can prepare your dish and serve on the table. It is especially for rustic dishes like potatoes and vegetables.

  • Ideal for slow cooking at constant temperature. Although heated more slowly than other utensils, they keep the temperature stable for longer, even if we lower the heat, consuming less energy.
  • Thanks to their porous material, the cast iron utensils are non-stick.
  • The more you use vegetable fats, you will “seal” their pores, resulting in less cooking in each cooking.
  • As long as you take care of them properly and the cast-iron utensils have been preserved for many years as new. They do not wear easily and are suitable for frying and baking in the oven.
  • Finally, the cast iron utensils are suitable for all the heaters, even the induction and the oven. Thanks to their special look they are ideal for serving directly from the utensil!
  • Easy to clean: The high-quality, scratch-resistant enameling prevents the cast iron from rusting and is easy to clean. Hot water and an ordinary household sponge are enough to retain the natural patina.
  • 10 years guarantee


Diameter: 28 cm
Capacity: 2.4 litre