023 2x TSA LOCK


If remembering codes isn’t for you then secure your belongings with this simple 22mm key lock. Two keys are included with each lock for easy access to your possessions. Ideal for smaller bags but also works well with suitcases. Made of solid brass, this key lock is both shiny and practical. Accepted and recognised by TSA, airport security can check your luggage without forcing the lock.

• Gold Key Lock for easy identification
• 2 keys per lock
• TSA approved – ideal for travel to USA
• Ideal for smaller luggage bags

*Made of solid brass.
* 3 spare keys per lock.
* Offers extra security while travelling.
* Lock your bag, suitcase or any luggage.
* Size: 20mm.
* 2 units in a pack

• H 4 x W 3 x D 1

• Body: 100% Brass, Shackle:100% Steel