VANOS S.A. in supply contract with Marcas

VANOS S.A. is pleased to announce the sign of a business partnership with Marine Contracting Association Limited (Marcas), a globally recognised aggregation association bringing major ship owners, ship managers and suppliers closer together, to provide its members with quality products and services.

VANOS S.A. was chosen as a preferred reputable market leading supplier operating under recognised quality standards, an excellent level of service and competitive prices.

Marcas supply contracts with VANOS S.A. enable its members maintain full management and control of their purchasing, logistics and invoicing. Via this collaboration, ship owners and managers can attain low operating costs through the phasing out of repetitive tendering activity, request for quotes and benchmarking, obtain the most competitive prices in the market whithout compromising on quality or safety and enjoy market-leading prices.

With the a history of over 80 years in ship supplies, VANOS S.A. will honor this business partnership remaining dedicated to excellent customer service, always adhere to the latest quality, safety and business standards, building up relationships of trust and respect.