VANOS S.A. will participate at the World Economic Forum 2024, commencing an important cooperation, which promotes Greek entrepreneurship and its international prospects at the highest level of dialogue and business connectivity worldwide.

By joining forces through this collaboration, Greek House Davos and VANOS S.A., actively contribute to the achievement of vision of an outward-oriented country, which utilizes recognized leaders in the field of entrepreneurship.

As VANOS S.A., is investing in research and development in collaboration and partnership with CERTH (M4D Lab) and the University of the Aegean (SmartMove Lab) , offers AI Driven R&D Initiatives, such as co-development of groundbreaking algorithms for navigation, early warning systems, maritime surveillance, risk and threat assessment, anomaly detection, decision support, fleet, and marina management , Customer-Centric Approach and Tailored Solutions, addressing both industry evolution and bespoke requirements.

The Greek House Davos will take place in Davos, Switzerland, during the World Economic Forum 2024 (January 15-19), hosting a number of leading ministers and politicians from Greece, Europe and the wider world, and renowned leaders from the field of international business, called upon to respond to the most important challenges of our time, expanding and establishing emblematic partnerships that enhance the economic and geopolitical footprint of the country at a global level.

Mrs. Katerina Vanou, President & CEO, Mr. Emmanuel Vassilopoulos, Vice President & COO of VANOS S.A. and Mr. Spyridon Kintzios Head of R&D Dpt. of VANOS S.A. will participate at the World Economic Forum.