VANOS S.A. at CLIA Innovation EXPO – DAY 2 /3

During the second and third days at the CLIA Exhibition, our team, consisting of Mr. Emmanuel Vassilopoulos, Vice President & COO of VANOS S.A., Mr. Konstantinos Sagris, Provisions Dpt. Manager, Mr. Spyridon Kintzios and Mr. Nikolaos Dourvas, scientific partners, continues to lead the charge in the marine technology and food & beverage industries. Building on the momentum of our opening day, we’ve deepened conversations, fostered new connections, and showcased our relentless pursuit of innovation across both sectors.

We were honored to be present and witness the moment when the Memorandum of Cooperation was signed by the Presidents of the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Vassilis Korkidis, and the Chamber of Commerce of Genoa, Luigi Attanasio, at a special event held in the framework of the Clia Innovation Expo exhibition. This MoC aims to create favourable conditions for the development of economic relations between businesses in Genoa and Piraeus.

At Booth No. 1212, the day was marked by a series of interactive presentations, where attendees witnessed firsthand the potential of our cutting-edge solutions. The spotlight shone brightly on our latest maritime technology projects, drawing a keen interest from industry professionals keen to understand the impact of these advancements on future maritime operations.

Over at Booth No. 413, the flavor of innovation was unmistakable. Our dedicated team engaged visitors with live demonstrations of our latest F&B products, specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the maritime welfare. Today’s highlight was the unveiling of our new line of sustainable packaging solutions, reinforcing our commitment to environmental stewardship while serving the market’s evolving demands.

“Today’s interactions and the enthusiasm we’ve seen for our innovations inspire us to push the boundaries even further. We are excited about the partnerships and opportunities that lie ahead as we continue to explore new horizons together.”, shared Mr. Emmanuel Vassilopoulos.

We are waiting the visitor in our booths to further discuss with our team members and initiate future collaborations. This engagement fuels our passion for innovation and excellence. We look forward to the final day of inspiring conversations and groundbreaking discoveries.

We would like to express our warmest Thanks to Mrs. Maria Deligianni, Mr. Vassilis Korkidis and Mrs. Kelly Craighead for their unwavering support and hospitality.