Inclusion to the “Green Award Foundation” as an Incentive Provider

Dear Sirs,

We are pleased to announce our inclusion to the “Green Award Foundation” as an Incentive Provider, which was followed by a ceremony held on 26th April 2017; Our company was officially welcomed by its Chairman Capt. Dimitrios Mattheou & Mr. Jan Fransen, Executive Director of the scheme.

This new business venture, constitutes of a momentous stepping stone for our organisation’s history, providing us the opportunity to offer special privileges to all members of the Green Award “family”. For this purpose we are going to conduct meetings within the following days, providing further details about the alterations to be applied.

You are kindly requested to acknowledge the contact details of your Purchasing / Supply / Operations dpt. in order to get in contact with the person in charge for such matters.
Looking forward to receiving your feedback.

Kind Regards,

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