CBRNews – June, 2024 / No 01

‘Building Better Societal Resilience’, Reflections from the 1st International Conference on Extreme Hazards & CBRNe/HAZMAT Operations

At first glance CBRNe may seem to be a simple 5 letter acronym. However Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive (CBRNe) hazards represent some of the most diverse and gravest dangers to societal resilience and our domestic way of life. The continued development of chemical and biological weapons, the re-emergence of Novichok nerve agents and the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are all placing unprecedented pressure on CBRNe response capability worldwide. For instance, as the world becomes both more interconnected and contested, incidents in one region – a novel pathogen, the loss of habitats or a cyber-attack – can have systemic consequences worldwide, which we cannot always predict or avert’.

The future of CBRN Detection Systems

Traditionally, CBRN weapons have been manufactured for use on the battlefield. In recent years, this threat has changed from CBRN weapons to include Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs). The threats posed by these materials has shifted from military use to assassinations or release into a local population – this changing threat requires cutting edge detection systems. Specialised companies, such as Smiths Detection, can assist in the development of CBRN detection systems to help defend against them.

Active Dry Decontaminant for Whole Body Decontamination

Timely skin decontamination is necessary to minimize percutaneous absorption of toxic chemical and systemic intoxication. In the absence of water, dry skin decontaminant options such as Fuller’s earth could provide physical chemical removal without neutralization.

Consequently, the contaminated Fuller’s earth particulates could pose inhalation risks to emergency medical responders attending to these casualties.

Advancing Global Preparedness: Reflections from the Vanos International Conference, February 2024

It has been a while since the inaugural Vanos International Conference on Extreme Hazards and CBRNe Hazmat Operations, held in Athens, Greece. As a keynote speaker at this esteemed event, kindly invited by the Vanos family, I’ve had the privilege to reflect upon the significance of the conference and the visionary aspirations of the entire Vanos Team.

The Vanos family’s commitment to leaving a positive, enduring legacy in our ever-changing and complex world is truly inspiring. Their dedication to fostering long-term partnerships resonates deeply with the global community’s collective desire to create a safer and more secure environment, and I look forward to collaborating with them in this endeavour.