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e-Navigation Solutions
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Research & Development
CBRNe / Hazmat Operations
CBRNe / Hazmat Operations
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“Vast experience, research, training and quality service, rank VANOS S.A. among the leading suppliers worldwide”.

Safety is Paramount

Our offered solutions & services primarily focus on Safety in every field, proving our motto “SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT”


Our experts, by constant research and training aim in continuous improvement and guarantee immediate and professional service.

Always on Time

Our continuous cooperation with well-known firms overseas enables us to stock 80% of the products we trade. This is the biggest competitive advantage of our company, since it gives us the ability to always deliver on time.

Strong Network

Our efficiently organized distribution network supplies shipyards, vessels, yachts, harbors and offshore structures globally.


Established in 1929, VANOS has been dealing with the distribution of deck, engine & cabin stores, industrial products and marine coatings, therefore Marine Dpt. consists of an integral part of our legacy. Ever since, its portfolio has been broadened covering a full spectrum of shipping and heavy industry, maintaining a stock of the most reputed and renowned Brands across the globe.
One of VANOS S.A.’s competitive advantages is maintaining a steady warehouse stock of 80% among the usual trades, amounting over 177.000 single item codes, monitored and supported by our highly skilled staff and an advanced Warehouse Management System, delivering immediacy across the supply chain, as well as full traceability.
It should be highlighted that Provisions & Bonded Stores department, established since 2009, is certified according to ISO22000 Food Safety Management System, ensuring safe management of food products (dry-fresh-frozen temperature): from the appropriate storage until the delivery to the designated place, through our privately owned refrigerator trucks and our adequately trained & certified representatives.
Currently, the company can provide a holistic customer-centered approach relying on identifying the appropriate solution, training towards countering essential challenges and providing after-sales support.


VANOS S.A. provides comprehensive solutions with regards to the safety & wellbeing of the crew and enhance comfort for your guests onboard.
The wide range of solutions includes, but is not limited to the following: yacht maintenance, paint preparation & marine coatings, navigation aids, satellite communication solutions, safety & security equipment, as well as personal protective equipment for the crew, and luxury yacht supplies.

e-Navigation Solutions

VANOS S.A. has been an Admiralty Paper Distributor since 1988. Nowadays, the Company is one of the largest Paper & Digital Distributors worldwide, as well as Official Distributor of the most reputed Publishers across the globe. The latest innovation brought into, is Admiralty Print On Demand service (P.O.D.), where through a state-of-the-art printing equipment, we produce accurate results, whilst minimizing delivery time, by enabling us to print a paper nautical chart in less than 5 seconds On Demand.
Bridge Management Services are integrated into the comprehensive solutions Navigation Services dpt., integrated by including: satellite communication equipment & electronic navigation aids, fixed fee solutions for your fleet, all of the above, supported by a dedicated 24/7 Support Team, to be added to our highly skilled Staff.


Since the very beginning, VANOS Company has been dealing with industrial products and marine coatings. Through its 90+ years history, its product portfolio has been significantly enriching, offering the ability to provide tailor made solutions for the industry sector and a fully featured approach to the customer: Identifying the appropriate product to meet a specific need, as well as training for its proper use, up to the after-sales technical support.

Currently the company also organizes Occupational Health & Safety training seminars, faithfully following its founders’ vision and equating its name with “Safety in the Workplace”.

Military & Civil Defense

In VANOS S.A, we consider our duty to offer highest quality solutions to those who serve the country and society. Therefore, we have carefully selected our partners, offering personal protective equipment for each workspace (land, sea & air), latest technological developments regarding tactical, CBRN solutions, as well as security, communication and detection systems, nanotechnology-based applications against chemical threats, to name but a few.

Public Sector

The Company provides a great variety of products, services and tailor made solutions supported by a highly qualified and adequate Team for the Public Sector, including: hospitals, schools, municipalities and regions, as well as all public structures.

Training Services

As an integral part of the comprehensive solutions offered, our Training Center is
certified for its quality educational services provided to all interested parties, as well
as, for the development of training programs addressed to any professionals
occupied in maritime, industry and public sector fields, according to ISO 21001:2018
– Educational Organizations Management Systems and ISO 29993:2017 – Learning
Services outside Formal Educations.
The core of the training programs refers to the Safety, Security and Well-being of the
people involved in the above business sectors where experts in each field, share
their knowledge and advise with the trainees who have massively embraced this

Research & Development

– Industry Commitment
– Comprehensive Product Catalogue for 2,500 vessels
– AI-Powered Solutions for Challenges Strategic
– Collaborations collaborative partnerships with CERTH (M4D Lab) and the University of the Aegean (SmartMove Lab)
– AI-Driven R&D Initiatives co-development of groundbreaking algorithms for navigation, early warning systems, maritime surveillance, risk and threat assessment, anomaly detection, decision support, fleet, and marina management
– Customer-Centric Approach
– Tailored Solutions collaborative synergy enables the development of tailored solutions, addressing both industry evolution and bespoke requirements
– Dedication to Innovation member of TeamUp project (https://cordis.europa.eu/project/id/101121167)
– Ensuring a Safer and More Efficient Future


CBRNe / Hazmat Operations

Welcome to Vanos, your premier partner in providing comprehensive solutions for the Army
and Civil Defense. We specialize in equipping and training personnel to effectively navigate a
spectrum of challenges, from tactical operations to asymmetric threats, terrorism, and natural
disasters. Our core pillars—Detection, Protection, and Disinfection—form the backbone of our
offering, ensuring robust preparedness against both known and emerging hazards. Additionally,
we offer specialized solutions for the Decontamination, Containment, and Neutralization of
chemical agents, bolstering resilience and readiness in the face of evolving threats.

Retail Stores & Eshop

Embracing its expansionary vision, in 2020 Vanos S.A., engages further with its customers, in 2020, by launching its first retail store: “Protect & Defend”, an industry sector oriented store & showroom.
In 2021, the company successfully proceeds in the opening of a specialized in tactical equipment – retail store: “Protect & Defend”, in Piraeus.
VANOS S.A. welcomes 2022, in the core of shipbuilding in Greece- in Perama – launching an additional retail location: “Marine Solutions”, hosting tailored solutions for the light marine industry.
In the same year, the company launches a brand new “Protect & Defend” e-shop: www.vanos-protection.gr , ideal for tactical operators and recreational enthusiasts seeking superior apparel and gear, comfortable clothing and footwear for any occasion.

Safety Equipment

We represent innovated products that protect and guarantee the safety of our client’s personnel. Our safety products are used by the fire & rescue services, oil and gas companies, homeland security, construction, chemical and other industries as well as in the armed forces. Through continuous training, our specialists are in the position to assist our clientele to comply with the health and safety regulations. Cooperation with leading companies, justifies superior product quality.

Charts – Publications

VANOS S.A., one of the top leading suppliers of nautical charts and publications worldwide serving more than 3000 vessels. Through our head office in Piraeus and our sub-distributors around the world, we trade paper & electronic charts, digital products as well as marine electronics. We consider being pioneers in the field of electronic charts in which we steadily invest both in financial and human resources.


96, Dim. Moutsopoulou & Serifou str.185 41, Piraeus – Greece
General Commercial Registry: 44350207000

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